Geoquip Water Solutions Ltd. are specialist ISO 9001:2015 registered suppliers to the water industry, providing equipment, plant and technical solutions for water supply systems and water projects worldwide.

We supply and advise on submersible borehole pumps and motors, special execution pumps, starter and control panels, telemetry, downhole camera inspection systems, flexible rising mains and water filtration systems.

As an original distributor of E-tech Pumps and as Franklin Approved Partner for Ground Water Excellence, Geoquip Water Solutions has become a Strategic Partner for Franklin Electric E-tech with direct access to Franklin’s manufacturing facilities across Europe. Today we offer a complete collection of submersible Stainless Steel pumps from 4” to 10”, suitable for a variety of applications, including remediation, drinking water extraction, manufacturing, dewatering and decontamination.

The matching motor portfolio includes encapsulated and rewindable motors in the range from 0.25 kW to 400 kW, plus a full line of 4” motors for single and three-phase voltages and various frequencies, up to 12” and 3300 V for large submersible motors.

A full range of ATEX certified borehole submersible pumps including hot water and hydrocarbon contaminated liquids are available.

Our plastics division, Hydrodif, has the widest range of PVC valves and fittings, MDPE compression fittings and pipes for potable water installations.

Experienced specifiers and suppliers to the construction dewatering industry, we also advise on special projects and remote location capability.

We stock the widest range of well and borehole inspection systems, from full portable video systems to skid and trailer mounted as well as full vehicle systems. BoreSaver, our range of borehole rehabilitation, well cleaning and maintenance treatments, is government approved, internationally renowned and used worldwide. Our products remove and control mineral contamination & Iron related bacteria problems.
To find out more please visit our website or contact us on tel: +44(0)1473 462046 / email: