Drilcorp was established in 1992 to serve the growing demand for Independent Water Supply to the Public and Commercial Sectors throughout the United Kingdom. The Company now has four divisions;

  • Drilcorp Drilling Services (DDS) constructs water supply boreholes.
  • Borehole Engineering Services (BES) caters for borehole owners carrying out emergency or routine maintenance on their borehole asset.
  • Geotechnical Exploration Services (GES) drills, tests and samples boreholes for the Geotechnical Site Investigation, Exploration and geothermal markets.
  • Hirecorp Services (HS) hires specialist equipment including remote controlled track mounted air compressors and water pumps.

Drilcorp Drilling Services

Constructs Water supply boreholes for all market sectors.

We offer a full service ranging from design, construction installation, development, test pumping, commissioning and licensing.

  • Farms
  • Domestic
  • Public Supply water Companies
  • Food and Drink manufacturers
  • Deep Boreholes for mineral exploration
  • Coal Mine methane extraction


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