DAB Pumps LTD specialist range of submerged pumps and motors are designed specifically for the extraction of ground water from borehole installations.

Comprehensive models available that cover a 3” to 12” diameter bore.

Extensive submerged motor specifications and a bespoke motor build service on larger models from 6” upwards.

With over 2 million units produced every year, DAB’s electronic pumps are synonymous with technology and reliability.

Thanks to the merger with TESLA, a leading Italian manufacturer of submersible motors, DAB is now also the first Italian manufacturer of submersible motors with more than 180,000 units produced last year.

These motors, Joined to DAB’s production of a wide range of submersible pumps from 3” to 24”, we are able to provide adequate solutions for every kind of application, from small domestic irrigation to the most important industrial applications and water supply.