Karenlee Barrett – Secretary and Treasurer

Karenlee BarrettKarenlee has a background of accounting and IT sales and developing sustainable strategies.  After being employed for just on 14 years she decided to ‘break free’ allowing her to work with the customers she wanted to and being able to offer more than she was able to in an employed role.  She set up her own consultancy business in 1999 trading under her name and then in 2011 under the banner of Clarity Business Development.  In this role she has helped small, mainly family run businesses grow in an organised, structured and profitable way.

She thrives on the challenges and rewards that working with growing businesses can bring. Within CBD she sits as a Non-Executive Director for two companies and since 2011  has held the role of Operations Director at Agricultural Water Engineers Ltd.   In early 2017 she became fully responsible for all financial matters and adds Finance Director to her role, and made the decision to close CBD in August 2017 to focus entirely on AWE Ltd and the WDA.

Passionate about succeeding in whatever task lies ahead of her, Karenlee was voted in as Secretary and Treasurer of the WDA at the AGM in January 2016.  You can contact her on 07585 955001 or email her using the contact us form.