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What is The Well Drillers Association?

The Well Drillers Association(WDA), has been in existence for over 80 years.

Membership consists solely of borehole engineering companies specialising in the design, construction, development, testing, commissioning, surveying, licencing, maintenance, rehabilitation, and abandonment of water supply boreholes.

All WDA members listed in the ‘Members’ section of this website have been assessed and work to approved standards for the construction and maintenance of water supply boreholes.  *If a company is displaying the WDA Logo, and they are not listed here on this web site, then they are not audited members of the association*.

The WDA maintains close contact with the Environment Agency, British
Geological Survey, national water supply companies and overseas well drilling associations to ensure that we are up to date with developments, best practice and regulations throughout our industry.

We hold regular meetings to keep our members up to date on new legislation, technical developments and to share knowledge within our industry.

If you need advice on drilling a new water supply borehole or assistance with a borehole that you currently own, please either contact the WDA on
( or one of our listed members who are always
ready to help.

Why Trust WDA Members? The Well Drillers Association is an association for companies who design and construct boreholes using approved WRAS and DWI materials, follow regulations and stick to the WDA code of Conduct for drilling boreholes

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